Sri Sivan SAR Aradhanai 2020 – A Glimpse

Aradhanai 2020

Why is HE called SAR?

This was the exact question that cropped up in Suri’s (Ganapathi Subramaniam) mind, to which Sri SAR answered thus:

“I am neither an orthodox (Vaideekan) nor a materialist (loukeekan). I can’t be called a Sastri too. The term was born out of necessity. A few devotees of affluence started to use “SAR”. A few others too, used to call me the same way even before that. This is how “Sivan SAR” came about. They made it clear amongst themselves that the name ‘SAR’ meant only one person, “Sivan”. This name did quite the round amongst the others and has stuck ever since”. In the coming years, when people say SAR, it would mean only “Sivan SAR”

Among the Satsangam, we also share our thoughts that ,

SAR means Sivam Always Remains!

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